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Windows Repair software free download

Windows Repair tool is a comprehensive program for all what it needs Windows or the operating system for the rehabilitation and return to normal, where he launches the tool all-in-one for their ability to solve most Windows problems such as the Registry and errors and problems relating to the protection and renovation of Windows and new files which could disrupt run it on a regular basis, as well as online Internet Explorer browser, and are resorting to repair Windows program in case of the emergence of problems in Windows in general and may occur through the programs installed on your computer, it works most of the time on the modification of the default settings in Windows , so Windows repair program works to re-adjust these settings again to fix errors at high speed and accelerate the performance of the device.

Windows Repair

Tool in general is working to restore the settings to default and, repair and resolve any problems stemming from the change in these settings and prevent the powers of other programs for modifying them, which improves the tool CPU and RAM of the computer

What the program can do

It is the rehabilitation of the system through the reform of the Registry and delete the modified settings by third parties, clean the memory and repair icons problems, repair shortcuts .lnk The program has been updated recently and add more changes to the software user interface and fixes firewall Baloyndoz and repair icons and updates for Windows and is expected the program includes a substantial Nggarat in the fourth release.

Software version: Windows Repair 3.9.15
Year of release: October 2016
Developer: tweaking. Program official website
Program size: 28.4 MB
Language of software: supports a lot of languages.
System Requirements: All Windows versions
Software license: Trial
Windows Repair program for free download

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