Nox app Player to run android applications on pc | Nox app Player

Nox app Player to run android applications on pc

Nox App Player is a program that allows you to run applications and games Android on your computer, it is a simulator to run Android software on your computer, depending on Android KitKat platform 4.4.2, you can program relying on Android file format APK to run through the program or download applications from Google Play store official the program without any problems, and you can control the applications through Nox app Player program with a mouse or keyboard, it also allows adjusting the settings for the software and applications, and when you run the program notes that a computer has become close to the tablet.

You can quick access to program settings and installed the software applications and deleting and adding programs and games android and run program and Facebook Messenger without any problems and the experience of running games android on your computer, and you can run Android applications with ease only need to Download the software and begin to download any of the programs or games, both Android from Google Play store or any other store APK format applications and operating without problems through the program, noting that the program Nox app Player will not run all applications.

Nox App Player

The program does not require previous experience to be able to deal with him, Vusbandh program contains all the tools and icons that knows anyone Mptdy and Kmalk when standing on any icon you will find the function of tool you use The program has been updated to fix some errors related pal the VPN, and less consumption of the processor during run applications and games and shorten the startup time and the possibility of recording videos while playing games or running applications and the possibility of taking snapshots of the screen.

Information from issuing Nox software App Player
Software version: Nox App Player
Release Date: November 2016
Developer: bignox Program official website
Program size: 295 MB
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All Windows versions Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software License: Free
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