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Internet Download Manager software 2016 free download

Internet Download Manager program of important programs to download all the files from the Internet, whether games or programs or video or audio files clips, the program has a block on Thmpel files at high speed with the possibility of resuming the download at any time, as the program by showing the actual speed and the specified time to load files from the internet and downloaded files information and source files, as you can through the internet download Manager program Add page link and download all the components of the images and multimedia files, download Manager program is able to download more than one file at a time one and deal with compressed files and complete the process of downloading files from the Internet in the event of a sudden stop or blackouts The program has been updated to support operating with Firefox 43 and the addition of loading from different locations.

Internet Download Manager

The program also increased the download speed of the Internet where to download files from different websites full speed available and overcome the servers interrupted downloads problems during loading and downloading files, as you can through the Internet Download Program Manager download more than one file at one time and download games and programs and films and videos a large scale, which exceed more than 2 GB and support complete the download process at any time, the program fast and does not consume system resources, it also allows you to pilot time up to 30 days, The interface is easy and simple program in dealing to download all of the files required and the large-scale programs and displays what has been a suppository of folders and files, and offer places to save files on the computer has been updated and repair of critical errors and serious and the addition of new types of load striking and videos from different internet browsers and full support for the web browser Firefox 46 and full compatibility with Google Chrome and bug fixes to speed up downloading files and support for working with the surf Firefox 50 in the latest version of his support for downloading files at high speed of Firefox 50 and fix errors that occur during the download video files downloaded from the internet and fix a problem downloading certain types of files, videos, and improved support internet IPV6 addresses.

Software Version: Internet Download Manager 6.26 Build 9
Release Date: November 2016
Developer: Tonec Inc. Program official website
Program size: 6.58 Mb
Language of software: Supports many languages
System Requirements: All versions of Windows, including Windows 10 Windows XP -Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8
Software license: Trial
Internet Download Manager software 2016 free download

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